Speaking with an experienced immigration attorney is the best solution

REINA & BATESSpeaking with an experienced and skilled immigration attorney is the best solution when dealing with any immigration issue. An experienced attorney authorized to practice immigration law in Dallas, throughout Texas, and in all fifty states can assure that your case moves forward as quickly as possible and is handled correctly.

It is important to bring all documents that you have with you to your consultation with an immigration attorney. Bola contact

Something that may seem unimportant to you may be the key to winning your case. It is also important that you be able to provide information regarding your travel in and out of the United States and information relating to any arrests or detentions you may have had either by police or by immigration officers.

When you consult with an immigration attorney it is important that you are able to speak with an actual attorney. No one besides an attorney is able to give you legal advice, even an attorney’s assistant cannot give you legal advice, you must speak with an actual licensed attorney. You must also be able to understand the attorney. The attorney must either speak a language you understand or have a competent interpreter that will allow you to understand what the attorney is saying. If you cannot communicate with the attorney they will not be able to provide you safe advice. Never hire an attorney that you have not spoken with.

It is good to have any questions you have for the attorney written down before you speak to them. Also do not hesitate to ask further questions when speaking with the attorney.

Immigration advice is available in many places, but this advice is not always reliable. Often even news casters and public leaders are misinformed about  immigration laws and processes. Unless the person is authorized to provide immigration services you should not count on their advice. Even if someone has helped other individuals with their immigration process, it does not mean that they will understand the issues involved with your case. The wrong advice can place your future, your freedom, and even you life in jeopardy. Do not use an unauthorized individual to help you with your immigration matters, because it could cost you much more in the long run.

There are Notary Publics in the United States, however their role is not the same as a Notario Público in most Latin American countries. Notary Publics in the United States are not attorneys and are not authorized to practice law. This means they are not authorized to complete immigration forms or provide legal advice regarding immigration matters.

Our team of Immigration Attorneys have more than 90 years of combined experience and have successfully represented clients before government agencies nationwide and at consular posts abroad.

Reina & Bates is a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of immigration and nationality law.

Family-based immigration, removal defense, naturalization and humanitarian programs are just a portion of the services we provide for our clients.

Our firm is comprised of a team of individuals who are able to provide services in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Korean.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your loved ones regarding your immigration concerns.


Naturalization & Citizenship

Resident Card Renewal

Permanent Residence

Family- Based Visas

Employment-Based Visas

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Visas for Victims of Crimes

Fiancee Visas

Waivers of Inadmissibility (I-601, I-212)

Fee Waiver Requests for Qualifying Families

Family Unity

Asylum Cases

Temporary Protected Status

Deportation Defense Litigation

Investment-Based Immigration

Federal Criminal Defense

Family-Based Immigration

Victims of  Domestic Violence / VAWA

Asylum Withholding of Removal  & CAT

Inadmissibility & Removal Proceedings

Federal Court Litigation against Immigration Authorities.


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Speaking with an experienced immigration attorney in your own language, who is able to give you legal advice, is the first step when dealing with any immigration issue.

An experienced attorney authorized to practice immigration law in Dallas, throughout Texas, can assure that your case moves forward as quickly as possible and is handled correctly.


This Post is informative and is not a legal consulting.

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