In the USA 41.5 million people speak at home in Spanish

More than 41.5 million people living in the USA speak Spanish at home, a figure very close to the total population of Argentina, for example or Spain.

According to publication by EFE or by the CIS itself, the population that speaks Spanish in their homes, exceeds 41 million people.Bola contact

Argentina has approximately 44.5 million inhabitants and Spain has 46 million, not to mention that this population surpasses almost all Latin American countries speaking in Spanish, except Mexico.

In other publications or for example Wikipedia, more information about this news can be found.

This Number of more than 41 million who speak  in Spanish at home, would rise to more than approximately 55 if you count undocumented immigrants and adding for example the case of Puerto Rico and the islands, which are United States territory and are bilingual.

California is in the lead in percentage with 45%, followed by Texas with 36% and New Mexico and New Jersey.

In the USA more than 41.5 million people speak at home in Spanish.

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